Barry Briggs, Ji Do Poep Sa Nim


Barry Briggs, Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (dharma master), serves as the guiding teacher for Cochise Zen Center.

He was given inka, teaching authorization, by the Kwan Um School of Zen in 2013. Barry PSN began practicing in the School in 1990 and has done many long retreats in Korea and North America, including a 100-day solo retreat. Prior to beginning Zen training, he practiced for 5 years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

He has traveled widely to lead retreats and give talks, teaching in South Africa, Russia, Central Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and North America. From 2015 to 2017, he served as resident teacher of Cambridge Zen Center, one of the oldest and largest residential centers in the United States. He is a member of the American Zen Teachers Association.

Barry PSN worked professionally in the technology industry and has an adult daughter who lives in Los Angeles. In 2017, he stepped back from a very active life and retired to Bisbee.